Jul. 17th, 2008 03:03 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (Let us teach this foolish world a lesson)
And so Shadow leaves this city as well.

I would probably be a bit... hmm... angry about this. But he left his two Chaos Emeralds behind. I can still FEEL them in this city.

They will be mine.

[ooc: TOHRU Shadow-mun says that the one that has them is Papa Tony. Shadow didn't give the emeralds to Tohru. Just letting you know. ]
is_an_evil_laugh: (mine is an evil laugh!)
[sound of chuckling... then laughter which becomes more sinister and louder by the second]


So... She is gone. Her presence no longer lingers in the church. How fitting that the Cardinal of Shadows joins her kin and disappears from the City of Light.

Oh, what a JOYOUS day this is! Perhaps I will celebrate... Hahahahahahah!!

In other news that is hardly enjoyable... It seems we have quite a few new arrivals. Curious.... This city is hardly as interesting as it used to be.

Hmmm... Elise is now alone in the church. This shall be most amusing.


Jun. 26th, 2008 02:09 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (The one you are to blame is...)

So it seems a pathetic insect has one of the Chaos Emeralds and is hoping to lure that blue hedgehog with it. What foolishness... The only one who should be in possession of all 7 emeralds is me. Though, share them I must, I still think no different.

Be wary, insect, I am coming to take that emerald from you by force.


Caterina, we really should visit one another again. As for this heat, if it were the heat of the flames of disaster, I would love it.


Jun. 25th, 2008 01:25 pm
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This heat wave is unbearable. For someone like me, who is in more ways a liquid than an actual solid being.. it is utter torment. Now come and throw your stones, I know you will all leave messages of 'serves you right' or 'you deserve no less'.

The storm that will come after this heat wave is going to be massive, I can tell you that now.

This humidity is difficult to breathe in. But I must go outdoors yet again anyway, I have a mission to fulfill.

[ooc: Mephiles is sooo hot D: He's like oil, so very very very very hot oil. XD;;; not gooood. ]


Jun. 13th, 2008 03:09 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (A dark smile)

Happy Friday the 13th.

Do take care while walking alone on the streets. There's no telling who or what may sneak up on you.


Jun. 7th, 2008 12:59 am
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A fierce rain storm.

I believe that is on the way... The humidity and the heat have been almost unbearable these last few days. I wonder how hard the storm will hit.

Will the little festival you people have set up be ruined? Will there be enough time to save everything from destruction?

Is there ever enough time to save those things we hold most dear?


There is not. Even the ability to travel through time cannot let us save people. That is why this ability was not given to humans. The Duke of Soleanna realized this only too late. He had hoped that by creating Solaris, he would be able to rectify past mistakes... Perhaps save his late wife from passing.

Such sad things humans are, clinging to wastes of time.

That being said...

I wonder if there really will be a storm?


May. 27th, 2008 10:41 pm
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A yard sale? I have no use for such things. I will be busying myself with other tasks in the meantime.

Although if there is any tea being sold, perhaps I will go and purchase it... Though I'd rather just drink it without having to pay. Such is the style of one who does not show gratitude...

I never do. Who would show gratitude to these pathetic humans?

But the night is young- I shall not waste it by ranting.
is_an_evil_laugh: (Apocolypse)
It's time we move to phase two of this plan, wouldn't you say, Tohru my dear?


Apr. 20th, 2008 06:28 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (A dark smile)
It is time.
is_an_evil_laugh: (melting // defeated // creepy)
[*the sound of dripping, flowing ooze can be heard*]

Damn them... Damn them all... I will... have revenge on you... putrid souls...

There will be... justice delivered... I will kill you all... I will... Hhh...

IBLIS.... I will rejoin with you...! I will... We will... be complete... Solaris... Eternal...

NNghghhh..guh-hhuh...! Curse them... to hell...!


Don't think this... is the end...! Your death... I can see it... You...

will DIE.


Apr. 13th, 2008 11:34 am
is_an_evil_laugh: (mine is an evil laugh!)


Mar. 24th, 2008 12:49 am
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Was I late for the Resurrection of Christ?

My apologies. I was off somewhere trying to think of the now and the future... I suppose that sounded a bit rude and bitter, but I cannot help it. Such holidays disgust me. Mostly because hardly anyone celebrates true meanings-- When people think of Easter, they think of rabbits and chocolates and multi-coloured eggs.

Hardly what I would call celebration for the rebirth of Christ.

Though, I suppose I am in no place to speak-- I do not celebrate such holidays and thus I have no right to criticize those who do.

Happy Easter, then.

[Private; hackable to those who are concerned with Chaos Emeralds]

The hunt continues. How amusing. Where shall I find more? Perhaps I should ask those who are close to the blue hedgehog.



Mar. 12th, 2008 09:24 am
is_an_evil_laugh: (Chaos Emerald retrieved//evil ambitions)
The explosions have ceased. I can only imagine that there has been one victor and one loser. I hope that the victor feels some sort of gratification for what he has gone through...

So much destruction for what? Pride? A treasure? A title?

But considering this entire battle took place only a day after I had ordered him...

[Filtered to Ulquiorra]

Acquaintance of Lord Aizen, have you retrieved the blue hedgehog's Chaos Emerald?


[ooc: I fails at coding! :D ]
is_an_evil_laugh: (Whatever you say // If this is how it is)
To the ones who thought to give me gifts on Valentine's Day, I suppose I should thank you for the ideas, but I am not one to celebrate such holidays.

The tea is very satisfying, though.

As for the owner of "Urahara Shoten", spam me not with your cheap hints for me to come to your store. I have no intention of doing so, nor will I in the future.

I have something much more entertaining to attend to.


[ooc: Strikes unhackable except to his 'allies']


Feb. 16th, 2008 05:41 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (Apocolypse)
[Voice post]

Hhheheheheh...heahahaha...hahahaAHAHAHA... AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Finally...!! I have one of the seven Chaos Emeralds...! Oh, now with this... I will start what I was forced to have interrupted before...!

AHAHAHAHAH!! ACQUAINTANCE! I AM READY FOR YOU NOW!! Come and find me... We shall find them all now... Mhmhmhmhm...Ohhh, I feel so extraordinary now... No one can stop me... And those that feel they can are nothing but FOOLS! Hahahahaha...AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

[/voice post]

[ooc: Wanna hear Dan Green Mephiles laughter? I shall show you what it's like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_S_AZrxQGg Enjoy!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Also, the acquaintance is Ulquiorra, so if he replies, he should probably private it.]


Feb. 12th, 2008 11:36 am
is_an_evil_laugh: (GIANT EYE!! // Eye of the Demon)
Valentine's Day. In memory of the wonderful man who was martyred for his actions... Seeking love for all. Such a romantic story, is it not?

I do hope all of you have a safe and happy Valentine's Day, sharing it with those you love, want to love, cannot stop thinking of... As for myself, I shall spend this day alone, with no one to share it with. I do not regret it... I have never been one to understand love. But those of you who live in this cheerful and lovely city, please enjoy your holiday.


Apparently, it appears that for some unexplained reason, a benevolence has descended upon my soul, guiding my hands into writing well-wishes, hopes for those that seek love. My true wish is for all of you to pass on peacefully, and ascend quickly to heaven. But my true desires cannot be written down.

Such a curious city. Such a curious spell. I feel as though St. Valentine is laughing joyously at me. It is quite sad, but what can be done?

Perhaps I shall seek out Cupid and redirect his arrow.

[ooc: Unhappy Mephiles is very unhappy. He really hates writing like this. D: Which is why he's deciding not to laugh or rant. xD; It could get completely twisted and mutated into something pretty. :3]
is_an_evil_laugh: (mine is an evil laugh!)

Ahhh....ahahahah... Oh, I am having SO much fun! This city... It is filled with nothing but fools! Yet, they are not all worthless fools... They have their values... To me, anyway. But it seems that... perhaps I'm to be avoided in this City?


I can't help it if people decide to spread NASTY rumours about me. Perhaps some of them even true...

Ahhh, my dear Kairi... You are the only one that listens to me... And understands me... Starting with you... You will become one of my allies through heavy manipulation... And possibly then your friends afterwards... But to turn you against the General... Ahhahahahahah!!! OH, how I love this...!

But it seems some cannot take the opinions of others... Ahh, Selphie, you only need tell me what you've been through...

I promise to be kind. Ahahahahahahahaha...!!

Hhaaaaaaaaaaaa... Thank you, Lumiere, for giving me such fun toys to play with!

And Elise... You're next on my list...

[strikes unhackable to EVERYONE]


Jan. 24th, 2008 11:23 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (bang-bang you're dead)
Well, it looks as though things may be taking an interesting turn of events.


Jan. 23rd, 2008 06:56 pm
is_an_evil_laugh: (Chaos Emerald retrieved//evil ambitions)
[Private to Aizen]

To the one known as 'Aizen', may I please speak to you... privately? There are some important items I wish to discuss and they relate quite prominantly to you.



Jan. 22nd, 2008 11:45 am
is_an_evil_laugh: (Whatever you say // If this is how it is)
Though I have not been here long, I have taken a quiet tour around this incredibly bright city. Obviously, this place fits its name quite well, though I have not discovered the purpose of having so many lights... And where, pray tell, this city receives the energy to power these lights.

I have noticed that the populace are incredibly fickle minded. If they do not wish to be bothered by something, then they do not even see it. They pay no heed to it. A building could be burning down, hundreds of people suffering, and yet... For these people, it could still be a bright, sunny day where nothing could be going wrong.

These humans... They are not only quick to blame, but they are also quick to forget. If it doesn't concern them, why become involved? I have often wondered during my 10 years of imprisonment inside of the Sceptor of Darkness why people try so hard to make a living. The man who created the Solaris Project had such simple intentions in mind... Vast and grant intentions, yet from simple ideas.

"I want to create a better world for people"

How often has this been said, I wonder? It is a mere idea-- not a reality. The entire populace can never be happy, no matter what happens. Leaders rise to power, war rages on...

But in those 10 years, I could also see that people can be happy just by satisfying their own needs, and the needs of those close to them. Whatever takes place across the line is absolutely none of their business; none of their concern and thus should not be minded.

This is a characteristic of humans that I admire somewhat. You are all selfish beings, yet you speak of wanting to make everyone happy. But even though you say this, you don't act on it. When someone is in danger, the most common reaction is to turn away and resume your little lives. Then what exactly was the point of saying such a thing? Just for show?

Heroes that rescue you day after day... If one thing is to go wrong, you do not hesitate to turn on them. Oh yes, I have witnessed that first hand. Telling you what I had witnessed would do nothing, for if what that blue hedgehog says is true, then it is nothing more than a nightmare long since passed.

When I arrived in this city, I was approached by another. This one spoke to me in a mocking tone-- I only ready the words, but the intent was clearly there. It angered me, but I now realize that these people aren't worth my time.

I have offered to help those who are in less fortunate situations. Children are crying, but people simply walk right on by... Why exactly?

If the point has not made itself clear in this journal entry of mine, then I suggest you reread it all and take a walk through this 'paradise'.

~Close the Curtain~


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